The Story

The River is an achingly beautiful story about all of us, told through the wild and winding journey of one man, as he stumbles and sputters to make his way home.

Gabriel Clarke is born into a long line of whitewater rafting guides; men who have fallen in love with and become experts in The River. But Gabriel’s own relationship to the rushing waters carving their way through steep canyons is thwarted. Before the Clarke legacy can be passed down to him, tragedy strikes. In a terrible accident, a five-year-old Gabriel watches as his father dies saving another rafter in the very waters that he loved.  Gabriel, heartbroken and gripped with fear, let’s go of his family history along with his own destiny.

As Gabriel grows into a teenager in the middle of landlocked Kansas, he can’t ignore a constant pull to The River. But it is years of a numb and empty existence before Gabriel finds the courage to venture back to Colorado with some friends and into the waters that changed his life.

Gabriel must decide if he will accept The River’s invitation to adventure, freedom and the love of his life or whether he will stay stuck on the shore, watching his destiny rush past.